Online Marketing Technology Is Good-But People Are Better

Online Marketing

Online Marketing Technology

Online marketing technology changes at a dizzying  pace. Not a day goes by that my Email inbox is not flooded with offers to download the latest and greatest online marketing technology tool that will turn my computer into a desktop ATM machine just spitting out the cash.

“Technology is good but people are better

I saw that quote on a Caribou Coffee paper cup the other day and it hit me right between the eyes. I don’t know where the quote comes from, but I do know it has to be part of the foundation of any successful online business we are building. It is so easy to get swept away in the daily bombardment of  all the latest and greatest online marketing tools available out there to make our lives easier and businesses more efficient. Have you ever looked at how many apps are available for any of the Smart Phones? The number is so huge it would take anyone multiple lifetimes to check them all out. Plus, while you are checking them out they are undergoing updates and revisions, etc. It’s just plain overwhelming!

Even if you sort through all the available online marketing tools, plug-ins, and apps and choose something to use, what happens next. Well usually you download it and try to follow along on the installation and implementation manual or video. How often does the version of what you just downloaded match up with the instruction materials? Maybe you’re lucky, but for me it’s almost never. Things just don’t match up and I am left to figure it out by trial and error. When the trial and error takes too long I give up and quit!

So what’s the answer? It’s right on the coffee cup. It’s PEOPLE.

No matter what online marketing product or service you choose to promote your business, or how slick your system is, without PEOPLE it will not be successful. When I say PEOPLE, I am not referring to purchased lists of email addresses generated by responses to SPAM or HYPE! I am referring to real live human beings with which you have developed a relationship.

Think & Grow Rich With Online Marketing

Think & Grow Rich With Online Marketing

In Napoleon Hill’s business Bible, “Think and Grow Rich” he identifies the power that results from developing relationships with others as the “Master Mind” principle. He defines this principle as the “coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose”. He instructs you to “Ally yourself with a group of as many people as you may need for the creation and carrying out of your plan, or plans, for the accumulation of money” by making use of the “Master Mind” principle.

Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned online marketing Guru, surrounding yourself with like minded people that have a common interest is critical to the growth and ongoing success of your business, and it always will be.

How do we find a Master Mind group and what will it take to participate with them?

Well one way is to build it yourself, person by person through relationship development. You can join online marketing forums or social media groups and begin participating. Over time you will find like minded people that you can partner up with to help each other market a product or service that you have a common interest in.

Another way is to put together a generic online marketing training system complete with live training, video training, and step by step written manuals that will help anyone involved in online marketing to promote their product or service. Offer it to them for FREE and over time you will develop a solid relationship by helping them grow their business.

If both of these methods sound to you like they will take a lot of work and time, you are  absolutely correct. In fact, even if you had the online marketing expertise to pull this off it would probably take years to put it together. Are you totally discouraged by all this? All the online marketing ads keep telling you that all you need to do is “Plug In” to a ready made system, put out a few ads and count the money as it rolled in starting tomorrow! Well how many people do you really know that you can actually talk to every day that this has worked for?

Online Marketing work from home

Online Marketing from home is WORK

Why Is It Called Work From Home?

It’s called work from home because any successful online marketing business involves WORK! If the word work scares you, then don’t attempt a work from home business. It’s that simple. If you are willing to work, then all you need is training, tools and a Master Mind group for support.

The best place I have found for all of this is an organization by the name of My Partner In Profit or My PIP. You can sign up for free and begin making money while you are being trained at your own pace. They will even show you how to put together your own Master Mind group and train them for you.

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online marketing

online marketing

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